What Makes The Difference?


Hi! My name is Jon Whycer and I'm founder of mach6 media where we specialise in the production of video and still photography for both businesses and non-commercial organisations.

So are you a business, or a professional firm or non-profit who doesn’t quite ‘get’ how video, in particular, can work well for you? Have you had a not-so-good experience in the past? Maybe you know you want to get the benefits good video offers but really need some guidance. Maybe I can help…

The video revolution, combined with the Internet, has opened up powerful opportunities for small and medium size businesses and organisations to communicate more effectively and attract customers, clients and supporters. It’s not just for the ‘big boys’ any more.

Yet many have ‘tried’ it and not liked how they come across or seen little payback. Even more have shied away from using video altogether in their marketing, communications or social media. There are many reasons, which I understand and can sympathise with.

What I care about is helping businesses get the most out of this visual medium – the mach6 media strapline says: ‘Creating the image your business deserves’ – and that’s what I’m all about, whether producing video or still photography, or just helping you understand the possibilities.

I come from a background initially in professional still photography and the movie industry. Later I spent many years in marketing, business communication, business development, operational management and project management in several different business sectors. At the same time photography has been a continuing part of my life since I was 9!

That means I understand and have a lot of experience of, and relate to, business generally, and not just the technical and creative side of media production. I approach video or still photography firstly from a marketing and communication point of view rather than a technical exercise.

I’m always happy to have a chat and help you better understand what can work and why and how, and it costs nothing to talk to me. After all, few of us are going to get involved with, or enthusiastic about, something we don’t really understand, or repeat what previously hasn’t really worked for us.

It would be my pleasure to help you discover the potential value to your business this increasingly important marketing tool could deliver.

Also, talk to me about still photography, as quality images are just as important.

Click here to visit the 'Contact' page to find out how to get in touch. I'd love to meet you just to have a chat about how you can use great visual content to create a better image for your business.