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Visual content. The key marketing ingredient you have to have.
If a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, what stories are the pictures or videos you're using online and elsewhere telling about you, your business or your product or service?
You can be sure that visual content (or even the lack of it) is projecting something about who you are, what you do or offer and how well you, your product or service may perform.
We live in a world where effective visual communication is simply essential. You've probably heard often enough from psychologists and others telling you that the images you see typically create an impression faster, count for more, or have a greater impact than printed or spoken words.
For businesses, therefore, professionally produced video and still photography really does contribute to conveying your message effectively, projecting the right image and enhancing your brand - whatever it is you do, whatever your size.
Equally, visual content that looks less than professional is almost certainly sending unhelpful messages about who you are and what you offer. 
What we can produce for you are.....
  • Videos for your website and that you can also link with social media
    - To introduce you and what you do
    - To deliver useful information to your customers and clients
    - To demonstrate products
    - For training
  • Publicity and PR pictures
    - to keep you in your public's eye
  • Product and action pictures for web and print
    - to promote what you sell, what you do and how you do it
  • Portraits for business
    - to bring out your best and help people want to engage with you and remember you 
As each project is different there's no 'standard price list'
We can also provide you with advice, guidance and training on:
  • Content Marketing - what it is and how visual media fits in
  • Crafting stories visually
  • How to present yourself well in video appearances

So get in touch for a chat over a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink!) and we can explore possibilities.