mach6 media | Schools Mock Trial Competition 2014
Each year the Citizenship Foundation along with the Magistrates Association run a country-wide Mock Trial competition for schools.

Each school fields a team and participants can find themselves sitting on the bench, acting as prosecuting or defense lawyers, in the dock, the witness box or acting as a court official. They are briefed with details of the case before the event, depending on the role they have. For the 'magistrates' though, they have to come up with a decision based on the evidence presented and the arguments of the lawyers on the day. Every aspect of the proceedings is then marked by panels of experienced magistrates observing in each of the courts.

This is a great learning experience for the young people involved. It is also extremely impressive to observe how well and how much poise the young people handle themselves in this unfamiliar situation.

For more information about the Mock Trials visit the Citizenship Foundation website at

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