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Pet Photography

I imagine you're reading this because there are one or more important four-legged friends sharing your life! That's certainly true of me and my wife Carolyn. We currently share our home with a fantastic 17-month-old Chocolate Labrador called Harry. I In fact we only adopted Harry a few short weeks ago In January and he's yet to have his first photo session. I’m sure you find him here on the website before too long!

Having had dogs for over 25 years, and lots of friends with dogs, cats, horses and even more exotic animal companions, we know just how important they are to their families. We know ourselves just how much pleasure there is in having treasured photographs of them at different times in their lives and beyond.

As a photographer, my love of animals makes photographing them a natural and highly enjoyable extension of my work. Enjoying getting to know them, getting down to their level physically, taking time and being patient provides the edge that delivers great pictures for you to enjoy.

How I Work

Before accepting a booking, the first step ideally is to meet you, your pet(s) and to discuss what kind of pictures you're aiming for, where we're going to have the photo session and what you want to do with the finished pictures. If you're more than 25 miles from our base in Barnet, we can talk by phone or even have a video call on Skype but a visit is always preferable. I can still make a preliminary visit if you're further away but I will make an extra charge depending on distance, time and travel cost which will be added to the session fee. If you decide not to go ahead there’s no charge.

A session is based on 2 hours but, as getting the best pictures for you is most important, I will be flexible on the day. Again, if I can't achieve everything we want on the day, depending on circumstances it may be possible to arrange a further session at a reduced or even no extra fee.

Proofs are normally shown electronically. My preference is to visit and show them to you on my laptop. An alternative, particularly if you're at a distance, is to provide you with a private gallery here on my website and then talk by phone. We can discuss which option might work best. We'll also discuss prints, framing, or other display options and prices.

My basic fee for a preliminary visit plus a subsequent 2 hour session, selection, post-processing and presentation preparation of proofs, a proof visit and one unframed print up to 38cm/15in is £97 including VAT within 25 miles of our base in Barnet.

To have a chat about what you're looking for and booking a session, and please call on 020 8242 4950 or email

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