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Tango - it's just about the definitive art form, and I captured a lot of great pictures, particularly in Buenos Aires.
If you've ever watched the Argentine Tango on Strictly Come Dancing, seeing the 'real thing' was just so much more exciting. More passion, more intensity and much more skill and artistry.
Interestingly, Uruguay claims the Tango was invented there, but Argentina seems to have claimed it as its own.
What you're looking at (with a couple of obvious exceptions) are top professionals - and this is what they do. Tango at this level is typically found in up-market clubs and stage shows and many of the routines are quite spectacular. The music is great too.
Not all Tango is performed on professional stages - you can find it on the street too, particularly in tourist areas.
Some cafes have dancers performing in front of their premises, hoping to attract customers to sit at their tables and order food and drinks while they watch. In the café picture, look at the signboard to the dancers’ left! The standard of dancing in these places is, perhaps inevitably, somewhat below that illustrated in the previous pictures.
The second ‘street’ couple shown here were taking a long rest in the shade, after performing in one of the squares in Buenos Aries on a particularly hot day. Tango is a dance of the people, and age is clearly no barrier. Unfortunately I didn't get to see these interesting characters on their feet.
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